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If you find yourself in a self-defining and self-realization process, you have already made a step in the right direction. I thrive to help people change and realize their dreams and I look forward to assisting you.

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist trained in the UK and USA. I am trained in Family therapy, Adlerian therapy, Systemic therapy and hypnotherapy. I utilize a blend of cognitive, behavioral, experiential and hypnotherapeutic treatment interventions. My therapeutic style is warm, compassionate, interactive, respectful and unconditionally accepting.

Together we will discover what is needed for you in order to live more fully and resolve the issues and conditions that brought you to therapy. You will always feel empowered. I will respect your boundaries and the pace of your progress.

My approach is not intimidating but enabling and empowering, helping my clients realize their strengths and potential, guiding them on their path to a new, balanced and fulfilling life.

After working as a psychotherapist for more than 15 years, I realized that there was an element missing in my practice, Nutrition.

In order to give my clients a more holistic approach I decided to further my knowledge by studying nutrition. I could see my clients struggling with mental disorders, and after working through their issues or trauma and significantly improving, they would often experience a relapse, which could not be attributed to the new circumstances in their lives.

Once a nutritional plan was incorporated in their therapy, my clients would often report a dramatic decrease in anxiety or depression within a matter of days.

In my work, I like to think of myself as a life transformer. I guide people through nutritional advice, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, and help them create the life they dream of.

Many people are used to accepting that life is difficult and unfulfilling, primarily because everybody around them feels the same way. They accept their fate, out of fear. They are worried they will fail and possibly lose the love and the support of their loved ones or their community.

I help people realize that change is possible. Change will give them greater happiness, better health, more energy, more love, better relationships, mental clarity, emotional balance, more money, a better career, serenity, acceptance of self and most importantly, self love.

I have devised my own theory, Nutripsychotherapy. It’s a unique combination of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and nutritional guidance. In recent nutritional research, the gut and the brain were found be closely linked. By applying Nutripsychotherapy, I help people heal their mental disorders and their physical issues. My approach is holistic, and has been proven to be successful. Our body and mind are connected and when we treat the mind, we need to address the body as well, and vice versa.

What My Clients Say

Maria’s warm, caring and compassionate approach to my therapy immediately put me at ease and I felt very comfortable with her. She has helped me enormously during the time I have been seeing her and I will continue to do so. She is a truly wonderful therapist and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
Paul C
Maria helped me gain clarity about many difficult issues. With her guidance, expertise and techniques, my life has turned around – especially my relationships with loved ones. Within a few sessions, Maria helped me feel confident and calm. Now I am able to accomplish the things I once thought were out of my reach.
Li Ming

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